• So what is Voice Yoga?

    Voice Yoga is a path to self-realization based on what some of the today's most celebrated physicists know as truth. Consciousness is the fundamental ground of all being and all being is vibration. Voice is an immediate way to raise our frequency and attract into our lives what we need to thrive. while applying the principles of Yoga - an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. It is also one of the quickest paths to unite humanity and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. 

  • Voice Yoga is a science that is a practical, methodical and systematic discipline or set of techniques that help us to become aware of our deepest nature, vibration, sound and the unifying power of breath, tone, word, and music. 

  • In real-estate, it is about location, location, location. In the world of consciousness, it is about vibration, vibration, vibration.

    Kara Johnstad

  • Yes, your soul has a frequency. Listen closely and you can learn to tune it. For example, if you feel out of sorts and out of sync, you can use your voice to tap into your intuition and reharmonize your body mind spirit system. Every moment offers an opportunity to tune in and be in balance. Listen closely to the quality of your voice and fine tune your life.

    Remember,  all things of the soul have a voice. Life sings. It is alive in sound. The moment you are able to hear the calling of your soul, your body begins to share its ancient wisdom. In essence, the ultimate aim of Voice Yoga is one of self-development and the enlightenment of humanity through sound. 

  • Why Practice Voice Yoga?

    There are as many paths to enlightenment as roads up the mountain. Some paths are easier than others. The beauty of Voice Yoga is that it is very natural. Easy to integrate and embody. Why? Because VOICE is the essence of all being. It is the force behind all creation. Your voice resides between heart and mind. It is the gateway between your inner and outer worlds. The portal between all dimensions. Your voice is not only the only instrument connected to your bloodstream, it is also miraculously connected to the universal stream of consciousness. 

    You have many layers to your voice that most of us are not aware of.  Your dream voice, your higher voice that guides you,  the collective voice, the subconscious voice, your thoughts, memories, desires, all the many stories of people we have streamed through our system, strangers we carry inside and of course your speaking and singing voice. With each word uttered, each line spoken, each melody sung - you are voicing essence. 

    Remember your first cry out into the world? You are born to sing and speak. Your whole system is connected to frequency. You are the light language of music, rhythm, tone and the power of the word is carried in your bones, present within your DNA coding, vibration pulses through each organ and your heart beats clearly in time. 

    Why practice Voice Yoga? Because Voice Yoga is like coming home. It is your essence of being.

  • Language is Light

    The language of light is everywhere. We have an enlightened conversation,  We are inspired by an idea, it ignites us to think big and feel strong, and we speak about setting the proper tone. We feel uplifted listening to a good singer's voice. We describe people as being radiant and talk of stage presence. We cherish brilliant minds and appreciate "good-vibes". We talk about being "in time" or feeling out of sync. 

    Yes, when we are healthy and free of disease,  we are of SOUND body and use the term of SOUND mind interchangeably with "peace of mind" Sound is synonymous with wellness. and when we experience something as truth, we say that it is SOUND. With every connection to another person, we are setting the tone and bringing things to light. Isn't language revealing? 

  • Voice Yoga brings you immediately to the place you call home. Union. Oneness. Remember how free you felt as a kid, singing and babbling? Do you remember how connected you felt with your environment? How empowered you were? Your essence is highly creative, in flow and what many scientists call "the zone".  You are able to slip inside of infinity. Now bring awareness to all the SOUNDs you made in those highly creative, fast learning, deep flow states of being and realize that somewhere you have taken a detour. Coming back is not difficult because the purity of love and vibration is who you are. 

    Voice Yoga is not a path of silence. It is the path of SOUND and active listening. Even when we are in deep meditation, there is a vibrant sound present as we deepen our listening. 

    Voice Yoga is a path of divine union. Within and without. It begins with tone. But the journey continues into the realm of singing the soul signature and soul lines. By stepping front and center and singing  in the community our own unique melodies and stories,  we are set free.  

    Voice Yoga is a path of joy and celebration. It is a path of beauty. It is the path of the great poets. The path of showing up and shining your light in this world.  

    Voice Yoga is a path of communion and community. We consciously use the energy field present in a collective high-frequency field of consciousness to make the quantum leap into "we-consciousness". We trust in the global mind-global heart and  create  unity within diversity. Just like in music, skilled with tone and frequency, we use sound, song, melody, rhythm,  harmony and silence, to usher in a new world of peace. 


  • Health is the natural condition. When sickness occurs, it is a sign that Nature has gone off course because of a physical or mental imbalance. The road to health for everyone is through moderation, harmony, and a 'sound mind in a sound body'.

    Jostein Gaarder, Sophie's World

  • Voice Yoga can be practiced solo, yet the true gift lies in "we-mysticism." Through opening our hearts and lifting our voices in a community, we can accelerate a mutual awakening. It is clear that so many of our dysfunctions are sourced from our isolation.  When we come from the "We-Space" we feel part of a larger whole. This "we" consciousness is supported by the fact that not only does breath link the world together, but words, tone, melody are the driving force behind evolution and each and every creation. 

    As we open our hearts and voices to embody higher frequencies of love, we hone our skills and shift our perspective to an expanded awareness of mutual awakening. When we deeply recognize each other, there is a profound intimacy that brings us "in time" with the now and lets us surrender to the sacred connection of ONENESS. 

  • What are the components of Voice Yoga practice?

    BREATH - without breath there is no life. Without breath, there is no tone. All voice yoga practices use the awareness of breath to help connect to the moment where breath meets sound. With the breath, we give and receive life. The more awareness we give to opening and deepening our breath, the more we can tap into huge fields of energy. The essence is, the more life energy we have,  the more alive we become.

    SOUND -  It is said that sound gives birth to all creations. The sound is everywhere. Take a moment to listen. You might hear the wind. A cat. A bird. Cars. A voice singing. Listen to the sounds that surround you every day. Can you find beauty within sound? Are you surrounded by noise is your workplace or sounds of nature? Do you perceive the sounds in your environment as nurturing or harmful? How can we move from harm to harmony through the use of sound?

    TONE - extended sound becomes tone. In the simplest definition, tone is sound in time. Toning requires us to not only produce sound, but consciously create a certain sound, enabling us to consistently repeat the tones for a certain length of time. Each tone has a frequency or pitch that can be measured and repeated. Tone also allows us to begin to understand harmony. Once we move from sound to tone, we can begin adding other instruments, such as piano, or guitar, or harmonium. In Voice Yoga we begin with feeling at home with one root tone.

  • Every tone is an event. A tone contains limitless possibilities. Musical tones are conveyers of life force. Hearing music means hearing an action of forces.

    Victor Zuckerkandl, from his book Sound and Symbol.

  • SEED SYLLABLES - think of poetry and books as a luscious garden. Yet where are the seeds for all the words we know? These can be found in seed syllables. Different cultures have different seed syllables, yet all capture the essence of moving from sound into tone and tone into language. Seed syllables have the open round feminine quality of the vowels merged with the closed male aspect of the consonant. The beauty of  learning and singing seed syllables is that you can tune your body-mind-spirit and discover the beauty not only of A E I O U but also sung sounds such as Y M L R.

  • MELODY - long before we had words to communicate, we had the melody. Our mind carries these ancient melodies, from generation to generation and we are asked to create new threads. Scientists can still not explain why we may find it hard to remember words, but we always recognize the melody. And these melodies are unite humanity. They not only connect through breath, they use breath to create a wave that can ripple through not only one body, but many bodies at the same time. Voice Yoga explores the power of melody and we learn to embody consciousness in the source codes that are downloaded in melodic and musical form.  

  • POWERFUL WORDS AND INVOCATIONS - have you ever noticed that the word invocation contains the word vocation - which means calling (Vocare - from vox or voice).

    Like many spiritual cultures, Voice Yoga makes use of the above principles in our daily practices.  For example through the repetition of mantras, the recitation of prayers, the use of ritual chants - and above all, the practice of silence, the omitting of all of the aforementioned forms of sounds.

  • Return to a place of innocence and bliss. Your voice holds the key to global enlightenment.

  • TAPPING TRUTH - In Voice Yoga, we also work with sensing the difference between mental chatter and truth. We learn to de-program the many voices that were part of our conditioning and allow our own voice to have its say. Sacred spaces are created to tap into personal and collective truth. Through storytelling, writing, composing and songwriting we are able to explore which words, which beliefs, which dreams resonate and which ones do we need to let go of as we strengthen our own vibrational signature. With the voice channel open, and the pathways clear between your heart field and brilliant mind, you learn to embody not only full consciousness through vibration and tone but also you learn to walk your talk and trust in the messages you carry for our humanity to evolve. Global Mind. Global Heart can only work when we are able to shift harm to harmony on a global level and move from violence to vibrancy.

  • Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice I can help the greatest of all causes - goodwill among men and peace on earth.

    Albert Einstein

  • COMMUNITY IS THE NEW BUDDHA - These are the words of the enlightened mystic, poet and leader Thich Nhat Hanh To build a community we need conscious communication. And it needs to be a communication that can transport all layers of our being. We are experiencing a paradigm shift as we move into a "we-consciousness."

    Like cells in a body, we operate as a stronger whole when we are united. Sound and song sung in unison and harmony as a group are one of the quickest ways to make take this quantum jump together.

    STANDING IN LIGHT - We know we have arrived when we can stand front and center, radiating truth and presence, stripped from all that no longer serves us and let our soul sing. We begin singing and speaking within a protected group of fellow travelers, we move toward taking turns standing front and center. Like the birds fly in formation, each of us has the ability to lead with our gifts and talents and also step back and learn from each other. When our body - mind - spirit is aligned via voice, we carry the cosmic love frequency with every sound we share with our community. In this moment, free of all fear, we feel liberated, Whole. At one with our ESSENCE.  At one with the cosmos.


  • Benefits of Voice Yoga

    • Voice Yoga increases feelings of well-being.
    • Voice Yoga heightens creativity.
    • Voice Yoga eliminates toxins from your blood.
    • Voice Yoga opens you to more passion
    • Voice Yoga aligns you with your soul purpose.
    • Voice Yoga releases emotional blockages.
    • Voice Yoga brings you into deep flow state.
    • Voice Yoga releases natural opiates and happy chemicals into your body.
    • Voice Yoga enhances memory and connectivity.
    • Voice Yoga produces high quality speech patterns.
  • More Benefits...

    • Voice Yoga connects you to inner guidance.
    • Voice Yoga imporves respiration, energy and vitality.
    • Voice Yoga relaxes your nervous system.
    • Voice Yoga helps reduce anger, depression and anxiety.
    • Voice Yoga builds compassion.
    • Voice Yoga gives you the tools to compose your life story.
    • Voice Yoga improves states of lucid dreaming.
    • Voice Yoga gives you inner strength.
    • Voice Yoga helps you focus.
    • Voice Yoga serves the awakening of humanity.
  • Voice is truth. It connects you with all realms of being. Once you have found your voice in this world and embody full consciousness, you are free. Vibration is your core essence. It is the essence of all being. And yes, it is the essence of our earth, our plants, our animal kingdom, our humanity and our world.

  • Think about it. Sound travels through walls whereas light stops. When you master voice it ripples into every single cell of existence. That is the path of sound.

  • What do you gain?

    Freedom. Liberation. Oneness. 

    The sweet satisfaction that with every tone spoken and every poem sung, you are taking active steps to create an enlightened world. This is the true meaning behind the world, Uni.Verse.

    Voice Yoga acknowledges that we are STORY. It is the path of poets. It is the path of songwriters and orators.It is the path of showing up and shining your light in this world. The path of daring to risk looking like a fool to give birth to truth. Think about it, which people have really shaped our evolution? Which voices do we read and listen to again and again? Dare to compose your melodies, name things as you sense them to be, write your lines, voice your visions and dance til you drop. To be able to connect to universal truth, you have to courageously embody and express the universal force that moves through you. 


  • Our voice transforms day-to-day experiences into a cause for blissful celebration.

  • Yes, at times you are babbling like a brook and you may be howling like the wind. You made stutter and you may fumble to put sentences together. But you continue to dare to practice "en-real-ment." You are a mystery and sound is a bridge that links our inner and outer worlds into the world without boundaries. It is our life force. Breath made audible. Sound carries light, emotion and thought into all realms and reflects back to carry the light from afar into your system. You are here to find your true authentic voice. Once found, you walk with new found grace. Humble to serve.

  • Like many spiritual practices, Voice Yoga is a path to self-realization. Singing, Songwriting, Poetry, Sound Healing, High-Frequency Medicine, Meditation, Ritual, Prayer, and the conscious use of language to have enlightened conversations and build community is a part of the practice. It is not silence that moves us forward, it is our ideas, our passion, our common visions that give true voice to the moment. In this moment in history, the world is begging for us to awaken as a humanity and as a planet.  And so we ask ourselves one question, are we disciplined enough to be a free spirit??? Are we connected enough to each other to create an enlightened loving world?

  • Can you imagine waking each day with the clarity of why you are here and living from that place of oneness, guided by your voice?

  • Yes, the path of vibration and voice is the path of full presence. With each and every breath you have access to the vast creative field of abundance that surrounds you. With Voice Yoga, you embody full consciousness through joy. The beauty is, once found, you can never lose it. The voice is present in every single moment that we breathe. Imagine that. With each thought, each word that is spoken, each conversation shared, each sentence written, each song that you sing, each dream followed, you are bringing the frequency of light and love out into the world. With each inspiration, you are connected to your inner voice guiding you, giving you messages and with each exhalation you give back that same gift of life.  Experience the joy that arrives when you bathe in a high-frequency field of LOVE that is your birthright and the essence of humanity. 


  • Take the jump. Awaken the wide open space between heart and mind which connects you to the full spectrum of life. May you have the courage to persevere and stay true to your inner voice and hold space for your strongest visions to be manifested.  May you have the deep listening needed so we can join in community and absorb and pulsate love vibes back out into the world - co-creating our awakening. 




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    KARA JOHNSTAD IS KNOWN AS A VISIONARY,  SINGER-SONGWRITER AND MENTOR TO VOICES CHANGING OUR WORLD Kara works with luminaries, healers, new thought leaders and creative conscious souls to realign their voice to their true calling. She gives them tools to raise their vibrational frequency and tap into an abundant field of creative energy.  Kara's most downloaded songs are Message of Hope, Love Never Fails and Thank You. Passionate about transforming the world through voice, Kara is available for interviews, concerts, online sessions and training. Her monthly ezine goes out to 10.000 spirit driven souls and includes her Voice Your Essence Podcast. Join the community and experience how to align your body-mind-spirit system through voice. For free articles and teachings go to:  www.karajohnstad.com

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