• Dear Songbirds,

    I wrote Different Planes riding through a dark night driving from Bloomington, Indiana towards Chicago. Living in many parts of this world, very far from my closest family - I have learned with time to connect inside many different layers of time and space. Today is December 4th and my spirit flies to my brothers and sisters at Standing Rock and everyone walking the earth path. Different Planes embraces not only our earthly time - but the time of passing. The consciousness that this too shall pass. What do we leave to our children? The last line spoke through me - and I know I'm coming closer to God with every painful goodbye. And so it is. Holding all the many layers of spirit and matter in peaceful prayers. Starting January I will be offering a Songwriting Circle at Yoga Voice Berlin. 

  • And I know I am coming closer to God with every painful good-bye.

    Kara Johnstad

  • Different Planes by Kara Johnstad

  • May you have the courage to persevere and stay true to your inner voice and strongest vision. May you trust the ability to communicate through the many layers and follow the beating of your heart.