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    Music by Mahogany Dannie, Brenda Burch,
    Charity Ann, Betty Jo Rockwell, Carol and Ed Nicodemi, Carlene Thissen, Kara Johnstad,
    Candice Russell, Alison Reynolds, Halie Loren, Bentley Kalaway, Diana Rasmussen,
    Rebecca Hosking, Thea.
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    KARA JOHNSTAD IS KNOWN AS A VISIONARY, SINGER-SONGWRITER AND MENTOR TO VOICES CHANGING OUR WORLD Kara works with luminaries, healers, new thought leaders and creative conscious souls to realign their voice to their true calling. She gives them tools to raise their vibrational frequency and tap into an abundant field of creative energy.  She is the founder of the Kara Johnstad SCHOOL OF VOICE and ONLINE ACADEMY  and VOICE YOUR ESSENCE. Kara's most downloaded songs are Message of Hope, Love Never Fails and Thank You. Passionate about transforming the world through voice, Kara is available for interviews, concerts, online sessions and training. Her monthly ezine goes out to 10.000 spirit driven souls and includes her Voice Your Essence Podcast. Join the community and experience how to align your body-mind-spirit system through voice. For free articles and teachings go to: www.karajohnstad.com

  • Photo: Album Cover - Photo Matthias Fuchs at Mad Fox Productions / Design Office Kara Johnstad
    Photo: Kara Johnstad by Joerg Grosse-Geldermann