A truly uplifting anthem from acclaimed singer-songwriter Kara Johnstad, that speaks truth and inspires change. Humanity is at the brink of its own destruction. What is the radical choice we need to make?

     © Copyright - Kara Johnstad
    Produced and arranged by Fabrizio Pigliucci. 
    Words by Kara Johnstad. 
    Music by Martin de Vries. 
    Cover photo of Kara by Mad Fox Productions.

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  • There is an awakened state, like a divine scepter, that is troubling the waters of this wounded world. This song is the sound of those waters, reminding us to rise-up and dip our tired bodies in the healing pool while in the presence of angels. We have a choice.)

    Steve Cole - author

  • A truly inspiring anthem from renowned singer-songwriter known for her songs Message of Hope, Love Never Fails and Spirit Walk. “one of the most exciting and original voices of her generation. A messenger for peace

    Laura Robson - Author and Coach

  • Kara Johnstad once again hits the mark of speaking truth and inspiring change in this world that needs it so desperately. Her words illuminate and uplift the conditions we can leave to the history books, once we embrace~We Have a Choice!

    Rev. Victoria Willoughby

  • I just listened to Kara's new song 'We Have a Choice', and was comforted by her words... Comforted because it is time that we all realize that we are in this together, and only by each of us making a difference in our own way, will we heal the world. Kara's voice gives me chills..

    Paula Watters Jones - fine artist