• Are you secretly feeling like your voice is "not enough" to sing solo in front of others? Not enough to move a big audience? At my concerts and in my coaching programs I meet producers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, CEOs and the like. Although there is a great joy knowing that singers are admired and that you love coming out to see the shows, there is also a great sadness knowing that so many of you are afraid to sing or speak in front of a big audience, because you feel that your voice is simply " not enough."

    It is my passion to share with you, how you can shift that space and start to sing and speak freely and successfully in front of more and more people. I share with you three simple words.


  • I've learned to trust myself, to listen to truth, to not be afraid of it and not try to hide it.

    Sarah McLachlan

  • Did you ever think what would happen if a cactus tried to hide it's thorns? What would happen if wrinkles never appeared and a 70 year old man would look just like he did with 20? If there were no drift wood to be found on a shore and old rocking chairs never creaked? What would happen if we only had soft bread and no hard crust and we had only carpeted floors? What would happen if everything had to be perfect before we even cared, or dared or even shared a bit of ourselves and our world?

  • The Tapestry of Life

    When we embrace the many parts of our experience we discover a magnificent creation. Every moment is but a thread, a thread of consciousness embracing the very essence of life. Some threads are brilliant and dazzling while others are tattered and torn. When looked upon in isolation the tattered threads look inferior. Yet when woven together by the wondrous hands of the Creator, the light magically blends with the dark. As joy coalesces with pain, God creates the magnificent tapestry that is life.

    Debbie Milam

  • There is no better time than now
    to step into the caring, daring, sharing mindset of abundance.

    Slipping into an abundance mindset.

  • Article:

    C A R I N G

    Get out some paper and a pen, or if you wish, speak the answers out loud.

    How do you take care?
    Do you cook for your family, do you have a clear space, do you take voice classes, or go to yoga and do the things that you love?
    Quickly jot down how you take care of your home, your garden, your kids your pets, and yes YOU!

    How do you honor yourself and create space for your creativity?
    Most of my clients who are nervous about singing or speaking in front, have forgotten the first rule of abundance.

    Caring means also caring for YOU!
    Caring for your body and your spirit: Making sure that you are not in overwhelm and drained but taking care of your body and soul needs and also taking care of your space. Whether it is in your home or the space between friends. If you have taken care, you feel comfortable with who you are.


    D A R I N G

    To dare means to risk. To explore. To expand.

    I was very moved to learn that cells either expand or die. There is no shrinking and no staying stagnant. If you are not growing, life simply says, time to die. Sounds hard, yet life is ever expanding. Life is about growth and exploration and continuum.

  • Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

    Helen Keller

  • Article:

    This is evolution.
    This is progress.
    Where there is progress
    there is risk.
    There is newness.
    There is the willingness to fail and succeed.


    Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve.

    It can be obtained if you are passionate and care more than the norm. If you risk more than is safe and stretch outside your comfort zone and if you dream big and share your story.

    When we live from this place we experience that we are excelling every minute. And singing in front of a big audience becomes easier and easier.

    Imagination is the voice of daring.

    Go back to the first exercise of caring.

    I care for my garden:
    I care for my dog..
    I care for my body.

    Now start exploring, observe and watch:

    Write how existence DARES to create in abundance.

    Striped melons, and prickly pears, rough potatoes with dirt and zucchini blossoms, soft red raspberries and peas in a pod.

    Wet paws, floppy ears, waggy tail, snaggle tooth, bad breath, druels at times and farts at the wrong times, curls up at my feet, and snores.


    Calloused feet, teeth that need daily flossing, loves to dance to good music, likes to take naps, catches colds and trains, can make the funniest sounds, can sing Bach and Rock and Roll, can laugh and cry, sing and sigh.

    Do you see how nature dares? From striped zebras to fuzzy peaches, from screaming apes to singing crickets. Existence cares and existence dares.

    Ask yourself.
    How do I dare a bit each day?

  • Whatever there be of progress in life comes not through adaptation but through daring. Imagination is the voice of daring. If there is anything Godlike about God it is that. He dared to imagine everything.

    Henry Miller

  • And daring does not mean you have to free fall with a parachute from a high plane or take up race car driving.

    Daring can mean saying no to overtime if your body is tired.
    Daring can mean taking the space to start writing a journal.
    Daring can be wearing your favorite outfit, even though everyone tells you, you look a bit daft.
    Daring is simply being more and more YOU.

    DARE TO write a song, sing a poem, dance a polka, re-connect, and Voice Your Essence.

  • Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back.

    Publilius Syrus

  • Dare to voice. Dare to imagine. Dare simply because - why not - remember cells expand or die. Expansion is an important key to receiving and living abundance. 

    S H A R I N G

  • Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.

    Charlotte Brontë

  • The biggest secret to go from being able to sing or speak in front of an audience of thousands, is to understand the power of true sharing.

  • Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

    Margaret Mead

  • Go back to the first exercise of caring.

    I care for my garden.
    I care for my dog.
    I care for my body.
    Look at the garden.

    Take in the diversity of colors, the diversity of smells, the diversity of form and shape, the diversity of textures.

    Sharing is to begin to see that we are surrounded by "more than enough."
    Within and without we have so much to draw from
    and to give back to our world.

    What parts of our lives are working well and which corners of our heart would we feel comfortable in sharing.

    Go back to the first exercise. Things you care deeply for.

    Share a few words of things that you care for: ex. the garden, your dog, your body, your family.

    Can you sing the same lines?

    Do you see how singing adds yet another dimension to stepping into abundance?

    Share a few words on moments in your life you have DARED.

    Did you give birth, travel to a new country, start a new job, wear that crazy outfit.

    Do you see how by sharing your uniqueness you have added a new and important thread to this tapestry that we call life?

  • It is not they up there on stage, we also can say yes to living our true creative and artistic selves.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  • Step into the spotlight and be bold!
    Dare to share what touches you,

    and what you care about.

  • I wasn't thinking of competing with any artists as such, I was more thinking of being among them, and sharing thoughts with them; like sharing views, ideas, etc.

    Dennis Brown

  • Start embracing the "Caring, Daring, Sharing" mindset!

    By doing so you will notice that it becomes easier and easier to sing for others, and speak at the table and as you are sharing your abundance and emptying yourself so will you make room to receive more and more abundance each day.


  • Are you still hesitant and stuck in the pattern that you are not yet "enough" or has something shifted? Thank you, as always, for tuning in, reading and contributing.

    Stay Gold!


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