• This week learn the art to centering your tone while speaking and singing. What is magical about it, is that once you get the knack of aligning TONE directly over your heart, you will begin to relax. Your body will feel balanced. Stage fright and nervousness will dissipate. 

    On this week's live stream I share with you an easy exercise to help you to center your tones.  

  • Each and every tone uttered has the ability to bring you into alignment.

    Kara Johnstad



    Temple of Time

    Sipping the Divine

    I Fall Into The flow

  • OF

    Temple of time

    No reason or rhyme

    No place more to go

  • TIME

    I am here

    Happy with Now

    Here Now 

    Here I am Now

  • As we continue to grow our community, I thank you for all your warm letters and emails and invitations for workshops and concerts. If you are interested in inviting me to your community, simply send me a message via my homepage. 

    We are currently planning workshops and events in FRANCE and another one in ICELAND. 

    I also coach voice online, so drop my office a mail and we can make it happen. 

  • Prayers go out to all of those in our community in the path of the storms. 

    May you have the courage to persevere and stay true to your inner voice and strongest vision. Much love,