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  • Voicing Grief Live Stream

    On today's live stream. we talk about the importance of voicing grief. What happens to our voice when we experience deep loss? How can we support the grieving process? Why do we often lose our voice? How can we get it back and support our healing process?  Each week Thursday thousands of [...]

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    Voice Compassion and Build Community

    Which voice tools can we use to voice our compassion and build community? On this week global live stream, I guide you through communal songwriting exercise which focuses exactly on using voice as a catalyst for healing. Together, our voices join as one as we.send caring intent to all people on [...]

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    Center Your Tones While Speaking and Singing

    This week learn the art to centering your tone while speaking and singing. What is magical about it, is that once you get the knack of aligning TONE directly over your heart, you will begin to relax. Your body will feel balanced. Stage fright and nervousness will dissipate.  On this week's [...]

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