• Which voice tools can we use to voice our compassion and build community? On this week global live stream, I guide you through communal songwriting exercise which focuses exactly on using voice as a catalyst for healing. Together, our voices join as one as we.send caring intent to all people on earth who are going through arduous times. 
     As we honor the grief, fear, sadness, the frustration we also learn to honor our inner magician. We have the capacity to transform fear into healing, offer our prayers where it hurts, bring compassion to anguish, a warm embrace where sadness has entered, give courage to a heart in need and support to those who are struggling with loss. BE LOVE.
  • “One love, one heart, one destiny.”

    Bob Marley

  • For all those that contributed, I am deeply moved by the work we are doing. This past week we over 5000 voices joined in from Canada to Brazil, Australia, Philippines, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Mexico - all over the planet. Yes, we are weaving a web of healing intent (voice)  and raising the vibes through song. Melodies appear as I read our words and see your names and I feel blessed to watch it all grow.


  • Stay strong, my sweet souls, as we ride out these storms. You have the keys within to heal. The voice transforms. The voice will also GIVE YOUR ENERGY when you are crushed and broken.  You are creators. Magicians. Begin by humming - small gentle tones, then write your fears and sing your dreams. TUNE into what IS and then SING into REALITY what you would like to SEE and EXPERIENCE. The more people JOIN IN HARMONY - the quicker we experience oneness and deep peace. Namaste.

  • Video - Facebook Livestream
    Photo - Kara Johnstad by Mad Fox Productions