• Modern Mantra CHOIR


    The Modern Mantra Choir is a place of gathering. We use the power of spoken word, poetry and the beauty of our modern day language to unite voices. Our vision is to create a fusion. East meets West. Spoken word is layered upon choral chants. Bin-aural beats, brain sync, wisdom whispered and an openness to create an energy field which nurtures, heals and gives space so that we can see clearer, feel deeper, connect to and inner knowing that sometimes gets clouded over when we are running too fast through our days.

    • Are you someone who says, I can't sing, yet deep inside you wish it wasn't true?
    • If you are honest you want to be free from your fear and return to a place of deep creative flow and happiness.
    • Or, perhaps you love to sing but hate standing straight in a choir reading music and divided between having your eyes on the conductor or on the music.
    • You want to have time and space to close your eyes and feel into your heart and listen to your tones and the sound of the choir?
    • You seek beauty, and cherish harmony?
    • You want to use the time you have to recharge your batteries?
    • You are passionate about our earth and through meditation, through personal choices you contribute to making our world a better place?
    • You are part of a movement called world peace?
    • You believe in community and the power of people have when they connect to their own wisdom?

  • Kara helped me discover my singing voice, overcome my insecurity with singing and taught me how to use concrete techniques to make my singing voice bigger, stronger and more controllable. I wish I had the time for more lessons. A lesson in her incredible "round room" was truly an empowering, stunning experience.”

    Heidi Klotz
    Educational consultant

  • Our repertoire is diverse. 
    Kara looks for mantras and chants that invite us in. She introduces the choir to great poets such as Tagore, Rumi, Hafiz, Rilke and others. She also composes new material for the modern mantra choir and her published work is available as solo and choir arrangements.

    Dwell in the voice vortex.

    At the molecular level we are all vibrating entities. CREATE A HEART FIELD, A POWERFUL LOVE SHIELD that protects us so that we do not need to shut down or put up our guard in order to survive.

  • Enjoy voice work with renowned voice coach Kara Johnstad while connecting to the international community of Berlin.
    All classes in English and German. Registration required.

  • Wednesdays 19:30 - 21:00 at Yoga Voice Berlin studio; Herbergerweg 14 - 14167 Berlin-Zehlendorf
  • There is no faster way to world peace and self-transformation than through sound healing and singing mantras together.

  •  Singing and toning is now an accepted part of therapy for pain and stress management. Boost your immune system through singing. If you feel ignited, join us and become a founding member. It will be different than any other choir you know and you get a chance to create history. There is nothing like this happening anywhere else. We are pioneers. There is currently a special introductory offer for three classes.  After that, you commit to the choir and we'll go deeper into music and meditation together. Much love, Kara

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    • Gain insights info voice technique and acquire insider secrets.
    • Increase your range with ease.
    • Learn how to master different genres with success.
    • Recognize what is holding you back and shift into more authentic enlightened expression.
    • Overcome your fear of auditions and performance
    • Design your signature sound and learn why it sets you apart from the crowd